Delaware Volunter Legal Services Representation Enables Domestic Violence Survivor to Start a New Life

A mother of four children was physically, sexually, and mentally abused by the father of her children. DVLS represented her in Family Court, eventually helping her obtain a lifetime PFA with limited visitation. Desperate for a fresh start, Ruth wanted to move down south to live with family, but the father opposed the move. DVLS also represented her in the hearings and helped demonstrate the father’s strained relationship with the children, refusal to co-parent, and failure to support the child. The Court granted her permission to relocate. The mother is enrolled in a program that is training her to work as an emergency relief worker to provide assistance to people after natural disasters. Her oldest son was recently accepted to college and anticipates a scholarship based on his ROTC participation. All four of her children are thriving because of because Ruth is free from abuse and victimization.