Community Legal Aid Society Assists Immigrant Worker in Obtaining Health Coverage for his Family

Chandan came to the U.S. on a work visa in 2000. His wife joined him on a work visa in 2005. Together, they obtained permanent residency in 2011, having spent the last decade working very hard and raising four children. Their jobs did not provide health coverage, and they did not make enough to afford private coverage, so Chandan applied for Medicaid. Their application was denied because the State did not correctly calculate the number of quarters Chandan had worked in the United States. CLASI helped Chandan obtain the documentation of his qualifying work hours and represented him at a fair hearing to appeal the denial. With the proof of his work hours, Chandan’s Medicaid application was approved and he and his family now have access to quality medical care. Chandan is attending a technical college in order to improve his job qualifications and continue to provide for his family.

*Client’s names have been changed to protect confidentiality.