Success Stories

Community Legal Aid Society Assists Immigrant Worker in Obtaining Health Coverage for his Family

Chandan came to the U.S. on a work visa in 2000. His wife joined him on a work visa in 2005. Together, they obtained permanent residency in 2011, having spent the last decade working very hard and raising four children. Their jobs did not provide health coverage, and they did not make enough to afford private coverage, so Chandan applied ... Read More »

Legal Services Corporation Helps Family Avoid Foreclosure

Nancy* and Trevor* were facing foreclosure on their home. Nancy was employed part-time, but Trevor had recently broken his back and was unable to work. Their three teen-age children all had part-time jobs while attending school. As a result of Trevor’s unemployment, he and Nancy were unable to make their mortgage payments. LSCD represented the family in the mortgage mediation ... Read More »

Delaware Volunter Legal Services Representation Enables Domestic Violence Survivor to Start a New Life

A mother of four children was physically, sexually, and mentally abused by the father of her children. DVLS represented her in Family Court, eventually helping her obtain a lifetime PFA with limited visitation. Desperate for a fresh start, Ruth wanted to move down south to live with family, but the father opposed the move. DVLS also represented her in the ... Read More »

Delaware Volunteer Legal Services Obtains Protection for a Partially Paralyzed Victim of Domestic Violence

Just three years ago “Olivia” had a normal and happy life. She had a husband, two children, a full-time job, a home and everything was fine. Her life changed dramatically however when she suffered a brain aneurysm that left her with significant disabilities. As a result of the changes caused by her disabilities her husband became verbally and physically abusive. ... Read More »